Allergy Treatment



Allergy treatment consists of injections of the antigens you have tested positive to.  Complete treatment may last 3 or more years.  “Build Up” therapy is achieved with weekly injections of progressively dilute serum, until maintenance therapy is achieved. Then treatment is given weekly for one year; after that, treatment is given once every 2 weeks for about 1 year and finally once a month for a year.  When this series is completed, most individuals may stop their therapy and have prolonged benefits from the shots for years.



                                               SUBLINGUAL (ORAL) DROPS

Another form of allergy therapy is with sublingual drops.  The serum is placed under the tongue and held in place for 1 to 2 minutes and then swallowed.  It is done once a day, every day for about 3 years, and can be done at home. This form of therapy is quite favorable with children or with adults who can not find the time to come to the medical clinic for the shots. This type of therapy is gaining increased popularity and tends to have  less side affects than injection therapy.


                                          (Be aware that most insurances WILL NOT cover sublingual therapy.)